It Happens: I Want To Write Something, Rush Beats Me To It

Here's the transcript:

Its not the gun, the knife, the nunchuks, the pipe... its the person. But as I was trying to say, no one can delve into the real issues, of abuse, of drinking, of fighting, of separating, demanding payment, of culture, of lifestyle, of posses, of nightclubbing - of anything, without being called a racist by the real racists and those who seek to score points by blaming guns...

And until those issues are looked at honestly nothing will change. Easier to blame the gun.

BTW, he does quote some interesting statistics:

"This is from the Cato Institute, by the way, in case you want the source.  Thirty-one states have concealed carry laws: 24% lower violent crime rate, 19% lower murder rate, 39% lower robbery rate than states that forbid concealed carry weapons."

Gun controllers: fuck off...


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