Welcome To The People's Republic Of America

So... its October, 2013, you're sitting with your buddies shootin' the shit, you pull out the Beretta 92FS semi-auto pistol with the 15 cartridge mag that your Dad gave you in 2000...

Your buddy asks, Did you register that? You ask why, he says because the new law Feinstein sponsored and got passed lets you keep what guns you have but if it has a mag that holds more than 10 rounds or comes under other criteria in the new law you have to register it and get fingerprinted.

You look at him in astonishment... Fingerprinted, without committing a crime? He says by not getting fingerprinted you HAVE committed a crime - you're now a felon...

What the fuck is wrong here? You, a law-abiding citizen, have to get fingerprinted because... why? This USED to be the good ol' U.S. of A....

I know some good, decent, mostly intelligent people who hate guns. Would like them ALL gone so we could live in a peaceful world... and there will be a bunch of them who think all of this "assault weapons" shit is a good idea. Without even knowing that there is no such thing as an assault weapon except as how assholes like Feinstein choose to define it.

News flash: there are BAD people our there. With guns and they will ALWAYS get guns. And when they break into your house, or start shooting up the gun-free school or mall, and you start praying to GOD that someone with a GUN will show up and SHOOT this bad guy and save your bacon and it takes 20 FUCKING MINUTES for the calvary to show up WITH THE GUNS THEY WILL USE TO STOP THE SON OF A BITCH, maybe then you will understand what the gun "nuts" are saying, that what I'm saying, that what the NRA has been saying and teaching for all these years is accurate and designed to save YOUR ass in this situation.

Those of you who CHOOSE to be victims because you won't take basic steps to protect yourself, fine, don't have guns around, wait for the cops to show up to cart your bloody, raped, or dead body off to the morgue. Those of us who CHOOSE to be ready when the shit hits the fan - will be... and if you're lucky, one of us will be close when you need it...


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