Murder By Numbers

I could not find the exact numbers used in the image, however, the ratios appear to be realistic...

Using this FBI data, in 2011 there were 12,664 murder victims, of which 5,825 were white, 46%, 6,329 were black, almost exactly 50%; 9,829 of them were male, 2,813 were female. 

This data says, in 2011 there were 14,548 murder offenders, of which 4,729 were white, 32.5%, 5,486 were black, 37.7%, and they don't know the race of the rest of them; 9,485 male, 1,138 female, the rest unknown.

Sticking with 2011 data from here, of the total 12,664 murders, 8,583 were from firearms, 67%. 6,220 were handguns, 49%, 323 rifles, 356 shotguns, 97 "other" guns, and 1,587 "firearms, type not stated. So, rifles accounted for 2.55% of murders in 2011. I could not find data separating rifles into their various permutations i.e. deer, hunting, sport, "assault", etc.

From the same chart, there were 1,694 knife deaths, 728 with "personal weapons - hands, fists, feet, etc.", and 496 from blunt objects.

This chart shows the relationship between the perp and victim - amazing. 5,464 victims were either family, friends, or boyfriend/girlfriend with the murderer.

This is an interesting and apropos chart to the ban of rifles discussion going on: 31 states had 5 or less deaths by rifle, with many only 1 or 0 deaths.

So, for 2.55% of ALL murders, tell me why again you're going to try to ban "assault rifles"? You don't even have the proper stats to separate "assault rifles" out of the rifle mix - and ALL rifles are used less than handguns, shotguns, hands, feet, knives, and blunt objects.

Could it just be "the agenda"? It is quite literally a dog and pony show, and nothing more than another totalitarian gun grab.

UPDATE: Detroit Mayor Dave Bing says most Detroit murder victims know their killer


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