The World/Media Breathlessly Awaited The One's Brilliance On Gun Control And Got...

...political bullshit. That's all we got. Nothing but the Kid and Pony show, or as Drudge said it "Let's Play
Take The Guns"

We were anxiously told that the Messiah had 19 executive orders, which have now morphed into 23 "executive actions" (sounds better to low-info minds, kinda like climate change) as outlined here.

So what did we get after all these weeks of angst, of Biden, of assholes like Morgan and Mathews, of followers and worshipers, of those who couldn't wait to see how The Big O kicks the NRA's ass?

Well, let's see... the first 3 about background checks that - well, don't really do anything; review some categories to see who can't get guns - wow there's about 20 minutes of a clerk's time; propose some rulemaking before a seized gun can be returned; publish a letter and launch a national propaganda campaign - oh, goody, The One loves to campaign... review safety standards for gun locks - 20 more minutes; then important stuff like releasing a report, nominate a guy for ATF director, provide law enforcement with more training, maximize "enforcement efforts" (that's right out of some "how to talk political" textbook, gotta be); research, issue a report, clarify, release a letter, blah blah fucking blah... Jesus, it keeps going: provide incentives, develop a model, release a letter, clarify another thing, finalize something, commit to finalizing, and launch a dialogue.

The one I love the best is number 9: Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal law enforcement to trace guns recovered in criminal investigations... you mean like Fast and Furious?

So, hey Joe, when you went wherever you went with that gun in your hand and talked to all these important people, THIS is what your panel came up with? How many millions of fake bucks did you spend on dinners and drinks to come up with this bullshit? If I was a leftist I would be furious at you and The One... 'cuz this is nothing, nothing to stop gun crime... nothing... no AWB, nothing on magazines, and most important nothing that would have stopped ANY killers anytime, anywhere... all for a kid photo op, to show the low-info and leftists lapdogs that The Obamanation is committed to doing SOMETHING.... what. a. joke... You moronic, hypocritical, incompetent assholes.


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