Why I Write What I Do

That alone should be 'nuff said... but here's some more reasons:
They are able to stand there, behind the right-out-of-George-Orwell podium sign, with a shit-eatin' grin, because they are liars, thieves, moochers, looters, hypocrites, cronies, and scum of the earth. As far as I'm concerned there never has been a bigger bunch of assholes, of slime, that is as dangerous to the future of this country as the Democrats in Washington. And:

This party can't get their shit together, nor can they agree on whether they should be a RINO party or Tea Baggers. The current group in Congress is incompetent, stupid, and chickenshit. You Republicans look like a bunch of rank amateurs, unable to get the simplest message across, out-flanked, out-maneuvered by the Socialists on every issue. Just part of all the bi-partisan assholes in The Black Hole who care nothing about the folks back home, just about how much money, power and influence they can suck out of the country.


Uh huh... and where is the print version of Newsweek today? No, fuckers, we are NOT all socialists now - just the slime in the Cesspool on the Potomac. And the press, the main-stream press, the government controlled press, the leftist biased press: how the fuck do you people sleep at night? I know you're pretty intelligent but how can you be so fucking stupid? Don't you get it, that the bullshit agenda you support in every story is going to fuck up YOUR family and friends as well? If there is an amendment that ought to be thrown out its the 1st; you know, the one YOU in the press hide behind? Of course, when that was written is was kinda assumed you wouldn't have your collective heads up the collective asses of anybody on the left. Disgusting.

It's going to hell in a hand basket - not the first nor the last time those words will be uttered by someone getting older, who looks around and asks "What the fuck is WRONG with these assholes?"

Freedom and liberty aren't only about not being in shackles and irons or under constant watch, or living in fear of your government and what they will come after next. Its about living the way you want to, exercising the rights you have, those inalienable rights, and honoring those same rights in those around you. About no one but YOU deciding how much money you should make or keep. Its not about paying confiscatory tax rates. We had a rebellion, for Christ's sake, over a 5 cent tax on whiskey; compare that to what taxes you happily pay today. Its about not being regulated to death - name one thing that isn't either taxed or regulated or both - you can't even take a crap anymore without the government being involved. And the ever-increasing intrusion of government, at all levels, into every thing from health care to home protection to what you can or cannot eat or activities you can participate in to who you sleep with or get married to and on and on.

For God's sake, the Supreme Court only ruled that an individual has the right to bear arms by a 5-4 vote - a right, written in the 2nd Amendment, that has been accepted, even taken for granted since the first fucking gun came ashore, long before there were any politicians to try to take them away.

Friends of mine complain about all the political talk - but politics and politicians and bureaucrats have inserted themselves, mostly with the citizen's help and approval, INTO everything. There is no subject you can bring up that the government doesn't have some bearing on. Its everywhere.

And now, with 47% of Americans getting some kind of payment from the federal government, record numbers of people who are disabled or on welfare and food stamps, we have the situation that the takers CAN vote themselves an increase in bennies by voting tax increases on the folks who still work.

We are increasingly closer to where Atlas does something... and when he does, it won't be pretty.

So, even if I never change anyone's opinion or policy I will have a clear conscious that I made the effort. And I can answer that girl's question honestly if or when it is asked.

I've been writing a long time, and its hard to stay positive with all the political fuckshit that goes on every hour of every day. And I may decide to stop writing so much, to not be as involved, just say fuck it and just live my life and let the scum play their games, and go into quiet mode - but I will never go quiet-ly.


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