REMF's Got People Killed In Benghazi - Update IV: Claims Of Off-The-Book Raids By Brennan In Lead Up To Attack

So now comes an e-book claiming that Brennan-led (meaning approved by Obama) raids in the leadup to Benghazi cause the attack. Which means Obama, Clinton, Panetta, et. al. are lying even more; there is no way they didn't know about these raids

Watch the video in this article: Panetta: Obama never called back to check on Benghazi. I don't much care for Senator Graham, but he destroys the White House bullshit that has been going on for months in this questioning.

UPDATE II: Where the hell was Obama (article)? Nowhere to be found. Where the hell was Hillary (article)? Nowhere to be found. YOU HAVE THE TWO REMF'S, THE TOP TWO, RESPONSIBLE FOR THE STATE DEPARTMENT AND THE COUNTRY AND DURING AN ATTACK ON A U.S. AMBASSADOR THAT LASTED 8 HOURS NEITHER FUCKING ONE IS HEARD FROM - then they cover it up so the TOP son of a bitch can get re-elected. MF'ers

UPDATE: Ah, some lower level staff resign, not the Big Kahuna Hillary, though. Her media fucks will continue to back her for a Prez run, this is just a minor inconvenience to be explained away and swept under the rug

Once again, rear echelon mother f'ers make decisions that get the front line people killed. The local Libyans hired to protect the embassy In Benghazi were on strike over wages and working hours - fucking sound familiar, I guess they learned the American union way real well - AND it was a systemic failure and poor management - with the appropriate excuses back home.

No one will lose their job, no one demoted, no one prosecuted - naturally, they work for the government. Just a couple more bodies flown home after assholes don't do their job... no big deal.

The buck stops  - no where

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