How Many More Lies Are You Willing To Accept?

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's minister of propaganda, is supposed to have said this, although that may be a myth.

But our present administration, in particular, and the government in general, surely have taken it as their motto. "Not so!" you say? Well, what do you call all this recent shit:

Benghazi: the Obamanation would have us believe that they did everything they could to save our people. Bullshit: read this Lies AND a coverup

Obamacare: won't cost more, will cost less, you can keep your current policy, will cover everyone. Bullshit: read this Lies, too many to count.

Sequester, fiscal cliff, cuts, etc fucking etc. EVERYONE in the government except Rand Paul lies about this. Show me a CUT here:

If you WANT to spend $100 billion but only spend $90 billion, well guess what? You get to claim that you CUT $10 billion!!! Only in the Sewer on the Potomac. Only in the sewer can defense spending go up 18% in 8 years and it be called a cut. Of course, that's compared to a budget that is FICTION because Harry the Asshole Reid and the Senate Democrats have not voted a budget out of the place in years now. And as for the damn sequester, it came from Obama, it was his damn idea, and now he's against it after he was for it.

Guns, gun control, gun violence: Obama. Biden. Feinstein. Pelosi, Chucky Schumer... all of these loud-mouthed assholes KNOW damn full well that NOTHING they are trying to ram through would have stopped Sandy Hook, Colorado, or any of the others. THEY KNOW IT - and so do YOU! So why do you bend over and grab 'em? If THEY know it won't work, what's the point? What's the end-game? We KNOW the end game, lies won't cover that up - and YOU know it too.

Global cooling (70's), global warming (90's), global climate change (now): just Shut The Fuck Up

Taxes: "not going up". How's that payroll tax working for you? How about Obama and Pelosi ADAMANT about a tax increase?

The Press: these worthless MF'ers. THESE are the bastards that are supposed to keep Obama and the slime in Washington honest. But the public blow job of Obama and LEFTIST politicians continues.

It goes on and on. In fact, why don't YOU tell ME what laws, programs, or ANYTHING out of the government in the last 4 years, 8 years, ever, has NOT been sold to you with a bunch of lies... 'cuz I can't think of any.


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